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Selling your home can be a lonely business.

Everyone around you has their own biases - including friends and family. Some encourage a quick sale or inappropriate sale method, irrespective of how that might affect the result; while others offer unrealistic expectations on price with no regard for how long it might take. Then there are other pressures along the way to alter the asking price, accept an offer you don’t like, or agree to terms that are perhaps not in your best interest. 

Morisons are the real estate equivalent of the Automobile Association (AA). Our impartial advice is well-reasoned, supported by decades of industry experience, with no incentive to guide you in a particular direction. We are routinely relied upon by the courts, IRD, financial institutions and government departments for this very reason.

Of course, how you choose to sell your home and at what price is entirely up to you. But with our professional property knowledge on tap, and insights based on decades helping people in similar situations – your selling experience will surely improve, with reduced risk and a clear path forward.

So let us take the stress out of selling. The one-off cost gets our team of independent property professionals in your corner for up to 6 months while you sell. And at just $499 is less than 2% of the average real estate commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agents thrive on new listings and will often pay a referral fee to one another for introducing a potential vendor. This is no different, except we’re redirecting the majority of that fee back to you by way of rebate. Given we look after multiple vendors, a level of bargaining power is achieved.

Our property expertise and experience with agents gives us the unique ability to analyse agents’ sales performance and ensure that proper processes are being followed. As a professional firm, we charge an up front fee of $149 which covers the cost of maintaining our databases. When the property sells and a rebate is paid, we retain a minor portion but return most of the rebate to you. Win / Win.

On occasion you can, but not often with the best agents who pride themselves on being strong negotiators. If they readily discount for you - then how hard will they negotiate on your behalf with a buyer? Most home owners only sell one house every few years so have little bargaining power against a national agency brand. Compare this to our group directing multiple opportunities to list every day.

Normally we will research and recommend the best suited 2-3 in your area. However if you wish to have another option we are very happy to provide that, and welcome your advice of any preferences up front.

We will pay your rebate within 10 working days of an unconditional sale of the property - guaranteed. If the agency is slow in paying us for any reason, that is not your concern. We will pay you within the stated timeframe.

This depends on the location and expected sale price of the property. $1,500 is the minimum amount, which typically applies to sale prices below $500,000. Greater rebates apply for higher sale prices, and expensive properties can see rebates of several thousand dollars. The specific rebate applicable will be advised to you at the time of agent selection.

This takes up most of our time. We maintain a complex and continuously updated database of agents. They’re monitored and benchmarked against many criteria including: their number of listings, number of sales, average days on the market, average sale price, testimonials, notified REA disciplinary actions, vendor feedback, phone manner, appraisal and advertising quality, etc.

No we don’t and this is an important point. There are strong and weak performers under every brand and we only want the best individuals. Our selection is based on individual merit - not the brand name.

This is a genuine concern for many people. The agents we deal with must agree that after initial vendor contact within 24 hours, they may only follow up once more within 7 days, but are not to contact you otherwise until you are ready. We actively monitor this aspect.

We will discuss this with you and happily provide updated options to choose from. The joining fee covers our service for up to 12 months and we’ll assist throughout that time.

No. We are a professional valuation and advisory firm - not a sales agency. Anyone providing agency work must be licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.

You are under no obligation to choose any particular agent to sell your property. The joining fee is however non-refundable.

Understandably there will be some resistance to new methods. Our service is unashamedly focused on helping the public see better results from the selling process. Under our model the best performing agents can expect to see an increase in listing opportunities, while those not performing at that level will need to improve. Our selection process is based on a broad range of factors which in our opinion constitute professional service and results for vendors.

Yes there are. With our team having a broad mix of valuation, legal, agency, management and compliance experience - we’re well equipped to help ensure you’re getting genuine advice from your sales professional.